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IMPACT LOANS by Capital Good Fund

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We know how difficult it can be to make ends meet, especially when faced with an unexpected crisis. We make the loan process as easy as possible. And although we do review your credit profile, there is no minimum FICO requirement. In addition, there are absolutely ZERO application or closing costs!

Our goal is to help families address their financial needs without having to turn to predatory lenders, who can charge over 300% interest rate in some states.

You can use an Impact Loan for a variety of purposes, including paying rent or security deposits, auto repairs, covering the cost of utilities, medical expenses, technology purchases (laptop, tablet, etc.) and more.

$300 to $1,500 • 12% Annual Percentage Rate
No closing fee or down payment. Monthly repayment over 15 months. Example Lifetime Cost: A $1,000 loan costs $1,081.86. How much is my monthly payment?

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Not sure if you qualify? Use our Eligibility Check!