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Capital Good Fund is excited to introduce our Emergency Financial Coaching services as part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are offering two programs.


Emergency Financial Coaching Hotline

Capital Good Fund’s Financial Coaching department is offering free hotline hours to provide immediate advice and guidance to individuals significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program is for individuals who are in a financial emergency and need immediate answers. People who have been laid off, who aren’t sure how to navigate unemployment, who may not know how to bridge the gap until they start receiving unemployment checks, are all encouraged to call during our extended hours or video conference via Zoom. Some examples of topics the coaches are ready to help with include:

Emergency budgeting and financial plans
Paperwork assistance
Emergency referrals/resources (food banks, health clinics, test sites, grocery stores, prescription shipping, etc.

Clients will be required to “sign” an agreement via confirmation text or email, so an active phone number or email is needed. This program is offered FREE of charge.


M-F 9am-8pm = 866- 584 -3651 extension: 301 (English), 401 (Spanish)
S/S: 10am - 6pm = 866- 584 -3651 extension: 301 (English), 401 (Spanish)301/401

We take your privacy seriously. All data is transferred securely and we will never sell or share your information. For more info, refer to our Privacy Policy.


*Participating in Financial Coaching does not guarantee a loan approval.