WELCOME TO GEORGIA BRIGHT for Nonprofits - Capital Good Fund


As an organization that serves disadvantaged communities, you likely operate with razor-thin margins. Whether you are a house of worship, nonprofit, government agency, or even a for-profit such as an affordable housing developer, you can ill-afford to divert money to pay for ever-rising electricity bills. Solar not only reduces those bills today, it protects against future rate hikes, and, if you add battery-storage, keeps the lights on in the event of a power outage. Click HERE to schedule a free consultation with our trusted solar installers and see how much you can save!

The Georgia BRIGHT program offers a solution to organizations that serve disadvantaged communities through a low-cost solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program that:

  • Saves you money starting day one*
  • Requires no upfront cost
  • Handles all installation and maintenance of the panels for the life of the PPA
  • Sells you power at a discount price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) that results in day-one bill savings
  • Gives  you the option  to buy out the system starting in year seven, at a discounted price


Capital Good Fund owns, operates, and maintains the solar and / or battery-storage systems we install on your property, and sells you the power they produce at a discounted rate. These systems are most commonly installed on a rooftop, but if your facility has sufficient land, a ground-mounted system may be a better option.  The Georgia BRIGHT program is for nonprofits and mission-aligned entities, such as for-profit affordable housing developers, that wish to save money through solar and / or protect themselves against power outages by adding battery storage.

To qualify for the nonprofit program, you must be a nonprofit or mission-aligned entity and:

  • Own the building on which you wish to install solar
  • Have a roof in good condition
  • Be in good standing with the Georgia Secretary of State
  • Be current on your mortgage, if you have one for the building


Fill out this short form and a representative of our trusted solar partner, Sunpath Solar, will contact you to get the process started!

* Savings will vary depending on your utility, energy consumption, roof orientation and shading, whether or not you incorporate batteries, and other factors. Your installer, Sunpath Solar, will custom-design a system to meet your needs and goals.

** Sunpath will evaluate your roof to determine its suitability for solar.

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