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We use financial services to tackle poverty in America.

Our mission is to create pathways out of poverty and advance a green economy through inclusive financial services.

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We are a nonprofit, certified Community Development Financial Institution that believes in equitable financing for all. We currently offer financing in Rhode Island, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

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Capital Good Fund is a social change organization that uses financial services to tackle poverty and climate change in America. Our application process is 100% contact-less, fast, and easy! Create an account to review the status of your applications or view loan payoffs.

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16,000 LOANS

totaling over $44 million have been financed for American families.

2,000 Coaching Clients

have completed our Financial + Health Coaching program.

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Catching up during the pandemic

 I’ve been playing catch up. This loan has given me some room to pay some bills that were overdue. I definitely feel like I’m in a better place. I’m excited because I can get back to feeling good and not being so heavily impacted by COVID. Capital Good Fund always makes me feel like a person and not a number. I appreciate that. 

Jamee Huffman

Treating clients with respect

 To them you are not a loan number or someone they can make a profit off of. “You are a human who needs a little help.

Sherlie Martinez

Serving Our Clients

 “The inspector said the water heater was ready to burst and the furnace was releasing carbon dioxide into the house,” Bob says. “We need to crank up the heat to get it going. You take one shower and it’s cold. We wouldn’t have been able to do this project without Capital Good Fund. It’s going to save us so much money,” They were efficient and friendly. I plan to take a more than ten-minute shower when the project is done.”

Bob and Lisa Houde

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