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Our Clients Are Saying

"[If you're considering Coaching], go for it. Don't wait. Don't hesitate.
Get your body in here, get
yourself a Coach, and let them show you the way."

-Nikki, Coaching Client

"I avoided looking at my finances because they were so overwhelming. Especially my student loans... But I feel better now. From here I can figure out my monthly income, how much my bills are, and what I should be putting away into savings."
-Jennifer, Coaching Client

"It gives you a sense of belonging—to know you can go somewhere to start this thing you've been dreaming of and thought you'd never do."
-Adeyinka, Loan Client

Coaching Yields Proven Results

Take a look at this amazing social impact study on our Financial + Health Coaching program. It's well worth a read; some of the outcomes are stunning!


Numbers & Demographics

Curious to know who our clients are? Here are some graphics with information ranging from income distribution to gender. For even more info and cool data, check out our Annual Report

Graph of Clients by Gender
Graph of Clients by Ethnicity
Graph of Clients by Age
Graph of Clients by Income

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