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Our Coaching

Our individual Financial Coaching PLUS is a year-long relationship with your very own Financial Coach—offered in person or online.

Each Coach is trained to provide expert financial and health advice that works for you. They’ll develop a personal relationship with you, offering support and encouragement with zero judgment. Your Coach is your go-to person for any questions or roadblocks on your path to better finances and a better life!

During four one-on-one 1.5-hour sessions, you will create an action plan for every aspect of your personal finances, including credit, debt, budgeting, banking and saving. You’ll even learn how to take care of your health in an affordable way. We will work with you to accomplish your goals, whether you want to get out of debt, save for college, or simply learn how to manage your money more effectively.

We will also be checking in with you at both the 6 and 12 month marks to make sure everything is going smoothly and continue to work with you on your goals.

Financial Coaching PLUS costs $180, spread out across 12 monthly payments of $15.00. It’s affordable, and each on-time payment builds positive credit history, increasing your credit score!*

Online and Accessible

We also offer Financial Coaching PLUS online. You'll meet with your Coach virtually through video calls. It's convenient and acccessible, and you'll receive all the same benefits as in-person Coaching!

Other Info

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Sign Up for Financial Coaching PLUS!


Proven Results

Take a look at these amazing social impact studies on our Financial + Health Coaching program: parent outcomes and student outcomes. They're well worth a read; some of the outcomes are stunning!

*Participating in Financial Coaching does not guarantee a loan approval.