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Credit Builder Program


Build Your Credit Now


Fix your credit score

Many Americans suffer from poor-to-no credit. Credit is one of those things that is usually easy to damage, but difficult to fix. A high credit score is a tool that can help you buy a home, save money on car insurance, and even get a job. Luckily, Capital Good Fund offers a Credit Builder Program to help you increase your credit score!

How does it work?

You make 12 monthly payments of $10, which we will report to all three credit bureaus as a 0% loan. Each on time payment will improve your credit score. Also, as a part of the program you will receive a 1.5 hour Financial Coaching PLUS session (in person or online) during which you will review your Transunion credit report and FICO® Score with a coach to learn best practices for building and maintaining credit, as well as how credit affects your goals and your budget. Also, every 6 months you will review an updated copy of your Transunion credit report and FICO® Score with a financial coach in order to monitor your improvement through the Credit Builder Program. To learn more about the program, please complete this inquiry form and a staff member will contact you.*

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Build Your Credit Now

*Participating in the Credit Builder Program does not guarantee a loan approval.

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